Geometric Abstract Art
Geometric Abstract Art
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Represented by Wilo&Grove gallery


December. Collective Exhibition with Geth'Art gallery from December 17 to 19 - 8 avenue Louise Michel, 77100 Nanteuil-les-Meaux (L'éclat de verre)

December. Collective Exhibition with Wilo&Grove, Paris, 14 rue d'Uzes from November 28 to December 23.

December. Collective Exhibition  "Fragments d'un discours féminin" in the Galerie Murmure in Colmar from 8th of December to 20th of February 2021 - 5 Place de l'Ancienne Douane, 68000 Colmar

September. Exhibition of four paintings at the international Art Fair in Marbella by the Van Gogh Gallery in Madrid. Exhibition of modern and contemporary art from 24th of September to 3rd of October 2020.

September.  Solo exhibition "Le Visible Invisible" from 12 to 19 September in Arras - Espace Hubert - 13 place des Heros.