About me

I started painting in 2009 during my art design studies then life took me away from the art world for a few years. So I worked as a manager in customer relations while continuing to paint in the evenings and weekends. In August 2019, after some very positive exhibitions, I decided to devote myself full time to art and creation.

About my art

My work mainly concerns the tree. I have always been very attracted by nature, I particularly like to bivouac and walk in the forest, but this curiosity towards the tree itself came to me when I read the book "The Hidden Life of Trees" by Peter Wohlleben. I discovered a living being even more beautiful and interesting from the inside than from the outside. I was fascinated by the exchanges that pass by the sap through the heart of the tree trunk, by its united root network, by its ability to adapt to the environment and above all by the community spirit that reigns in a forest. 

Geometric abstraction 

Most of my works highlight the point of intersection between the verticality of the tree trunk and the horizontality of the root network that unfolds underground. This crossing is at the heart of my creations because it is precisely at this place that all the elements that make up the sap (air, light, chlorophyll, earth and water) are brought together to be distributed. So I play to decompose this sap to compose my creations in a geometric style strongly influenced by the Bauhaus movement that I particularly like. I use shapes and colors to generate the idea of movement and vitality of the tree, while illustrating more generally its perfectly structured and organized internal functioning. I also use collage to highlight the bark of the tree that protects the sap from the outside environment. Each tree is unique, each with its own character and its own marks of life, that's why I try to vary the textures to symbolize this special bark.


An ecological approach


My work therefore revolves around the discovery of the tree. In this approach, I I try to combine art and respect for the environmentwork. From support to carboard packaging, I use recovered or recycling material (even paint). This is why I work mainly on reclaimed wood panels cut to the desired dimensions, while reusing the scraps. The panels are therefore not all the same color or the same thickness and sometimes have visible defects that remind us of the uniqueness and fragility of the tree. I also use in some works sand, cloth, cork or other materials that I have on hand to work textures. Finally, like the tree that composes with the elements to grow and build its body, I compose with the elements that I have on hand to compose my creations. It’s sort of my way of giving nature back to it.