Autumn days have always been my favorite days (when it's not raining 😉). Watching the leaves change color, seeing them fly before landing delicately on the ground, hearing them crack under our feet in the forest 🍂 But before I became interested in trees, I didn't know what triggered this change. Today, I know it and it inspires me 😁

Roughly speaking, the sun is lower and the days shorter and shorter so the leaves have less light to use to feed the chlorophyll. The latter therefore disappears little by little to make room for the other pigments present in the leaves. The famous autumn tones! Then, insofar as without chlorophyll, there is no more photosynthesis, the tree sheds its leaves, leaving bare branches behind. What is extraordinary is that even dead leaves are useful for the survival of the tree. This colorful coat will protect the roots from cold and frost then will gradually turn into humus to nourish the roots of the tree 🍁

In this 'Automn' series, I will work on the pigments individually, as if they each develop at their own pace. I hope that this little explanation will allow you to better understand the cycle that I am trying to highlight in these works.